Why is Kirito stuck for 200 years?

Why is Kirito stuck for 200 years? The 200 years they spent in Underworld were attributed to Fluctlight’s technology effect; time acceleration. After Kirito and Asuna leave the Underworld after 200 years, they decide to remove their memories of the VR world.

What is Agil real name in Sao? Andrew Gilbert Mills (アンドリュー・ギルバート・ミルズ,Andoryū Girubāto Miruzu), also known as Agil (エギル, Egiru) in Sword Art Online (SAO), ALfheim Online (ALO), and Project Alicization.

Who is Tiffany in Sao? Tiffany is a massive and bulky African American man with a brown goatee and brown eyes. He is bald and wears two silver earrings on his left ear in both Sword Art Online and the real world.

Who is the most powerful person in SAO? Sword Art Online: 10 Strongest Characters, Ranked

  • 8/10 General Eugene.
  • 7/10 Sinon.
  • 6/10 Alice.
  • 5/10 Yui.
  • 4/10 Oberon.
  • 3/10 Asuna.
  • 2/10 Heathcliff.
  • 1/10 Kirito.

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Was Kirito’s soul copied?

There’s a small hiccup in the fact that Underworld Kirito has been copied, and he’s now on a mission to save the Underworld with a plan that he and Asuna had concocted during their time together.

Who is the traitor in SAO?

The traitor inside Rath turns out to be a researcher named Yanai. A man who once worked for Nobuyuki Sugou, he’s since infiltrated Rath in order to leak information to the American National Security Agency. When Higa attempts to restore Kirito, Yanai tries to thwart the operation by holding him at gunpoint.

Which Kirito is the copy?

To put it simply, the Kirito we saw wake up from the STL is the real Kirito (its physically impossible for him to be the copy they can’t clone his real body….) and the Kirito that we saw speaking on the monitor to Higa in his bedroom was the copy.

What race is leafa?

Age15 (Fairy Dance Arc); 16 (Phantom Bullet Arc); 17 (Alicization Arc, Unital Ring Arc)
System Name, NicknameLeafa (リーファ rīfa)
EpithetSpeedaholic (スピードホリック supīdohorikku)
In-game RaceSylph

Who is the 100th boss in SAO?

Anime. An Incarnation of the Radius (アン・インカーネイション・オブ・ザ・ラディウス, An Inkāneishon Obu za Radiusu?) was a monster developed by Argus to be the boss of the 100th Floor of Aincrad in the official version of Sword Art Online (SAO).

How old is Kirito in Alo?


Kirigaya Kazuto
SeriesSword Art Online
Age14-5 (Aincrad Arc) 16 (end of Aincrad Arc; Fairy Dance Arc) 17 (Phantom Bullet Arc; Alicization Arc)
BirthdayOctober 7, 2008

What race is Agil in Alo?

Agil in SAO. Andrew in real life. Andrew is a massive and bulky African-American man with a brown goatee and brown eyes.

Who is stronger than Kirito?

4/10 Stronger: Kyaba Akihiko. He and Kirito are both unique skill wielders, but the latter being the game master has the undeniable edge when it comes to battle. Even after turning off his AI assist, he still proved to be way too strong and Kirito towards the end needed a massive plot armor to save his own life.

Who is Asuna’s husband?

Asuna is a strong-willed, accomplished player known in-game as the “Flash” for her extraordinary fast sword skill. Later, she falls in love with Kirito and they marry in-game.

How old is Asuna at the end of Sao?

At the very being of SAO Asuna was 15. After that two years go by in Aincrad and she’s 17. She turned 18 sometime in the Phantom Bullet Arc. Finally we have the current arc, Unital Ring where she is 19.

Who will Asuna marry?

Asuna and Kirito quickly began their leave of absence from the Knights of the Blood Oath and once buying their new home, they get married and begin to enjoy their honeymoon.

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