Why is Popee the Performer a kid show?

Why is Popee the Performer a kid show? Despite Popee’s shocking and violent content, this show was originally intended for kids. Ryuji has stated that he had no idea the series was meant for children when he created it and figured the TV station would have kept it from airing if they believed it was unsuitable for young audiences.

Why does Kedamono wear a mask? Kedamono wears a mask because he’s afraid of exposing his true nature,which is that of a “beast” (this may literally mean he’s disguising himself as a human with his mask, and he’s disguising his true nature as a wolf).

Who is the White Wolf in Popee the Performer? The White Wolf is the second 2D character on the show, the first being the UFO Girls. Although previously disconfirmed by the creator, when a fan asked on instagram, Wakako Masuda revealed that the White Wolf is, in fact, Kedamono’s mother.

Why was Popee the Performer made? The show was born after Ryuji Masuda decided he wanted to make a CG animation. There happened to be a 5-minute airing window for Kids Station at the time, so he asked an acquaintance with the station to connect him.

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What is Popee the performer gender?

Gender. Where it has been confirmed in the past that Popee is male, a recent thread from Wakako Masuda suggests that, while Popee was said to be a boy, his gender is more complex than “male or female”. He does not want to commit to a label of “male” or “female”, and instead just wants to do what he wants.

What is Popee’s full name?

Popee’s surname is Paraphone (パラーフォーン Paraphone). “Paraphone” is a real english word meaning “communication with the paranormal.”

Is Popee the performer a kid show?

Popee The Performer is a 3D animated kids show created by Ryuji Masuda. The show aired on TV back in 2001-2003 in Japan and it lasted three seasons with 40 episodes that have around a 4-5 minute long runtime.

What is under Kedamono’s mask?

Kedamono is a wolf with purple fur. He wears star patterned orange shorts and a somewhat magical Noh mask that changes to represent his current his expression. The only one to have ever seen Kedamono’s face underneath his mask was Frog, who immediately began exclaiming “Kedamono’s face… looks like his Mother’s”.

What is Kedamono’s gender?

He’s a good-natured guy and loves fried chicken.” Kedamono’s many masks were inspired by the Chinese film “The King of Masks” which is about a man who wishes to pass on his mastery of Bian Lian, an art where colorful masks are worn and changed almost instantly with movement from the performer.

What was the frog saying in Popee the performer?

Frog is shown hopping off, exclaiming “ケダモノのかおわ。。。!” (Kedamono no kao wa…! “Ke… Kedamono’s face is…!”) over and over while Popee and Kedamono chase after him. Frog’s exclaimations wake Papi, Paola, and Alien.

What gender is Popee the Performer?

Appearance. Popee is a young boy with light skin, dark blue eyes and blond hair. He wears a white and red striped body suit with a cat tail, along with a pink rabbit-eared hat and a blue satchel.

Who is Eepop?

Eepop (鏡ポピー lit. Mirror Popee) is a character who appeared in episode 33, 「MIRROR」, Eepop is a mirror version of Popee, essentially Popee’s opposite.

What is the frog’s name from Popee the performer?

Character Information. Frog (カエル, Kaeru) is a character that appears occasionally and also happens to be a constant victim of Popee’s torment and Kedamono’s accidental torture.

How old is Popee?

Popee is the titular 17-year-old and the main protagonist in Popee the Performer. Popee is a psychopathic, violent, and easily angered clown trying to master various acts and magic tricks.

Is Papi Popees father?

Papi (パピィ) is the senior clown and leader of Wolf Circus, a travelling performer and the Father of Popee and Marifa.

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