Why is Spiral Abyss floor 12 so hard?

Why is Spiral Abyss floor 12 so hard? The current disorder for Floor 12 makes certain opponents possess the Honed Spirit effect, which grants them 10% Physical and all elemental resistances. For Floor 12, players need to add characters that deal most of their damage through normal attacks so as to shred enemies’ physical and elemental resistance.

How do you clear the floor in 12 Chamber 2? Floor 12 – Chamber 2 Strategy. Go into the middle of the enemies to have them approach you and use Frozen reactions to keep them in place. Take out the Ruin Destroyers first as they can teleport away from the grouped up enemies.

Is Xiao good for Spiral Abyss? Xiao is a pretty straightforward character to use in the current Spiral Abyss in Genshin Impact 2.4. Some of Xiao’s best weapons are: Primordial Jade Winged-Spear. Staff of Homa.

Is Eula good for Spiral Abyss? 14/15 Eula. Suffice to say, a character that can do that is always welcome in the Spiral Abyss. In fact, Eula is one of the easiest characters to play there due to her inherent toughness. Her abilities also give her a defense bonus so she can keep piling up her Burst damage numbers.

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How do you beat the abyss floor 12 on Reddit?

  • Suggested team comps: National, Freeze.
  • Get behind the big Vishap and try to push the entire group toward the front of the arena using Skills and Bursts that have strong knock-backs.
  • Focus the big Vishap and use a team with strong AOE damage to deal damage around you.

Do you need 2 teams for Spiral Abyss?

Leveling a second team is mandatory for the Spiral Abyss, and looking back, that info was so helpful. Don’t just pump all those EXP and Talent resources into four characters, try to bring up a team of 8 relatively equally or at least at a 70/30 split.

How do you dodge Maguu Kenki abyss?

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What level should I be for Spiral Abyss?

You can tackle the Spiral Abyss as early as Adventure Rank 20, but the real draw is the final four floors, which “reset” twice a month. You divide your forces into two teams of four to challenge the Abyss’ 12 floors, which are each separated into three chambers.

Is Maguu Kenki immune to freeze?

Not Immune to Anemo or Cryo. While Maguu Kenki’s elements are Anemo and Cryo, it’s not immune to it. So using Xiao or Chongyun against it can still deal deal damage.

What is Maguu Kenki weak against?

While Maguu Kenki has no elemental weaknesses, ranged characters will be at a disadvantage for this fight. When Maguu Kenki is not performing an attack, it will automatically summon a Protective Mask when it is hit by ranged attacks, making them effectively useless.

What is the easiest way to beat Maguu Kenki?

In order to beat Maguu Kenki, gamers must destroy both the host and his clone. Simply destroying the host will not eliminate the clone! All ranged attacks will be blocked by Maguu Kenki’s mask. To bring it down, gamers must use close combat attacks.

Does Maguu Kenki have physical resistance?

This is because Maguu Kenki is one of very few Genshin Impact bosses that has no particular resistances, meaning any kind of damage will be effective, though melee characters will have an easier time.

How do you beat kenki triple Maguu?

In summary, players should make sure to group up all three of these Maguu Kenki by standing in the center of them, utilizing AOE to hit as many as possible and dodge every ten seconds to avoid the powerful attacks.

How do you beat level 12 on Abyss?

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