Why is Tanjiro so special?

Why is Tanjiro so special? Tanjiro’s most notable attribute is his ability to empathize with anyone, even demons, which often makes him hesitate before delivering the final blow.

Why did Tanjiros head scar change? In the case of Tanjiro, the mark used to be just a graze, but during his fight with the Hand Demon during the Final Selection, the mark changed. That life threatening condition altered him and afterwards, it develops into a flame-like pattern and is his new Demon Slayer Mark.

Is Tanjiro a chosen one? It’s this reason Tanjiro believes he won’t be able to tap into the Hinokami Kagura, and Sun Breathing’s full power because he’s not exactly “chosen,” but it does open up some questions about his potential. If this power is already in his family, there is a chance that Tanjiro can access it.

Why is Tanjiro’s head strong? One practical reason for Tanjiro’s head being so hard is the lifestyle he and the Kamado family were shown to live in early Demon Slayer. Being a mountain-dwelling family for several generations, the Kamado family would progressively get stronger from their harsh environment.

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What is the cut at Tanjiro’s head?

As the series progressed, Tanjiro was given the chance to explain why he had a scar. He stated that he got it when he shielded his little brother who got knocked down by a brazier. As a result, hot water splashed on the upper left part of his forehead due to the burn caused by the hot kettle.

Why Tanjiro sword is black?

The black blade represents the Sun and is surrounded by prejudice and misconceptions, as historically every demon slayer who held it lived a short life. This could mean that Tanjirou is destined to break the pattern and set a new legend for black Nichirin blades in the Demon Slayer universe.

Why did Tanjiro’s sword turn red?

It involves covering a Nichirin sword with Nezuko Kamado’s Exploding Blood to raise its temperature to the point it turns bright red.

Why was Tanjiro born with red eyes?

Despite the unbridled rage boiling in his body, Tanjiro tells the man to stay calm and cover his amputated hand. Tanjiro’s eyes are bloodied as his rage continues to build. So, long story short, Tanjiro’s eyes changed and became bloody because he accumulated so much rage.

Why did Tanjiro eyes bleed?

It was after Daki unleashed an attack and harmed multiple people, Tanjiro was extremely angry at this that his eyes were turning blood-shot red.

Does Tanjiro’s hair change?

They’re all very weak through the fight and had a tough time cutting through each demon’s neck, but Tanjiro dug deep and surprisingly revealed a new mark on his forehead. Not only did this mark burn into his skin, but his hair changed in the moment as well to become far more fiery.

What is Tanjiro’s hair?

Tanjiro is a young man with rather tanned skin and an athletic physique. He has ruffled, black hair with burgundy tips, combed back to expose his forehead, and wide, dark red eyes with white pupils that appear lighter around the lower section of his irises.

Why did Nezuko headbutt Tanjiro?

She tries to wake her brother up for a head pat and then proceeds to give him a headbutt in frustration when she is unable to rouse him. However, due to Tanjiro’s comically hard forehead, she ends up splitting her own forehead open and starts bleeding. This causes her to cry and use her Blood Demon Art on his brother.

Why can Tanjiro smell so well?

Unlike all of Tanjiro’s other abilities and skills, his sense of smell didn’t come from someone else. His training in Water Breathing came from the former Water Hashira.

Is Tanjiro’s scar a birthmark?

Instead, it’s worth considering that Tanjiro’s mark was never actually a scar, and instead always a Demon Slayer Mark – something similar to the marks seen on various demons in the series.

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