Why is Touhou so popular?

Why is Touhou so popular? Touhou Project is, at its very core, a labor of love. From the man who created it to its thousands of fans worldwide, it truly comes down to the love of the franchise. After all, after its initial creation, everything that came after was simply because of the passion that the fans felt for the massive franchise.

What programming language is Touhou written in? Touhou Danmakufu is based on the Touhou series of danmaku shooters. You can use it to create your own danmaku patterns, and even your own complete games. The coding language is based loosely off the C language, however it has been heavily simplified for the purpose of creating scripts easily.

Why did ZUN create Touhou? Unsatisfied with most games on the market, he wanted to make something for himself to enjoy: something simple, challenging and a bit oddball. In his spare time, he taught himself programming and how to compose game music. Under the alias ‘ZUN’, Ota created Touhou Rei’iden—Highly Responsive to Prayers in 1995.

What happen to Touhou? However, it seems that the spell is about to end, as Touhou Cannonball will end service on Octo. The game officially ends service at 2pm JST on Octo, in just a month. The team behind the game apologized for the sudden notice, as well as the fact that the game had to end service.

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How long does it take ZUN to make a Touhou game?

ZUN: Usually it takes about 4 months. As you know, I make 1 game every year. It takes a lot of time to come up with ideas, and I barely have time to sleep. Every time I’m awake, I’m either working on a game or drinking beer.

Does ZUN have a job?

ZUN has a proper programming job, too, and he does Touhou as a ‘past time project’. The fact that our ‘Creator’ grace us with his blessing of making fan media and merchandise without taking a single cent is the reason why Touhou continues to grow. It’s fun for everyone to enjoy.

Is ZUN still making Touhou?

In the past, ZUN jokingly stated in an e-mail that he’s been working on – and will continue to work on – the Touhou Project games since a part of him lacks common sense.

Can I sell Touhou games?

You can only physically sell your work in one of the Doujin and Touhou affliated stores in Japan only! (Example: Melon Books, Comic Toranoana) No, you cannot sell your work digitally anywhere, not even in Japan. (?)

Can ZUN speak English?

ZUN can’t do anything else than make games and drink beer. On a more official note, maybe a little, but I’m pretty sure his english is engrish. If you have ever read the staff rolls, they usually consist some engrish.

Why is ZUN called ZUN?

ZUN got his name from the sound team Zuntata at Taito Corp., the same company that he worked with (coincidentally, the word ‘zun’ is a Chinese bronze vessel used to store alcohol). Taito made Darius Gaiden, one of ZUN’s favorite shooter games.

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