Why isn’t Travis on So You Think You Can Dance?

Why isn’t Travis on So You Think You Can Dance? Two-time Emmy-winning choreographer and So You Think You Can Dance star Travis Wall has been taken off of the Break the Floor dance company’s tours after allegations of sexual misconduct and grooming were leveled at him by a then-underaged dancer with the company.

What happened to Nick Lazzarini? Choreographer Nick Lazzarini pulled from dance company tour following Star investigation / Twitter. Six dancers have alleged the famous choreographer subjected them to unwanted sexual advances during his time at Break the Floor. Lazzarini denies the allegations.

Who is Jo Jo Gomez? Jojo Gomez is a professional dancer/choreographer living in Los Angeles. Born in Fairview, NJ, she grew up in South Hadley, MA, and moved to LA at the age of 17 to pursue her career in the dance industry. Jojo Gomez is a professional dancer/choreographer living in Los Angeles.

What happened to Travis Wall? Wall was removed from the dance company Break the Floor (BTF) in 2021 after allegations that he had engaged in sexually inappropriate behavior.

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Why did Mary Murphy leave So You Think You Can Dance?

Reason for exit: Murphy was released from her contract ahead of the 2015 season, according to a statement from her spokesperson at the time. While she eventually came back for seasons 14 through 16, she was also cut from the season 17 judging lineup.

Who is Nicole Kirkland?

Nicole Kirkland is a professional dancer, choreographer and instructor in LA. Originally from the Bay Area, she received her training in studios, dance companies, and conventions. At the age of 20, Nicole was already a working choreographer in the industry.

What happened with Break the floor?

Former Break The Floor instructors have been accused of abusing young dancers in other settings. Former DancerPalooza instructor, Eric Saradpon, has been charged by the Riverside County District Attorney with perpetrating lewd acts on minors in a private dance studio, and is awaiting trial.

Did Jojo Gomez attend college?

I knew I wasn’t going to go to college. I wanted to train to become a professional dancer right after high school. The day after graduation, in 2011, my parents and I flew out to L.A. We stayed in a hotel for a few weeks, and the first thing we did was look for an agent.

Who is Nat bat?

Natalie A. Bebko aka “Nat Bat” is from Detroit, Michigan as a dancer and performer. Nat can be seen performing and training with Immabeast Dance Company (directed by Willdabeast Adams & Janelle Ginestra) & many more choreographers.

Who is Isla Clarke?

My name is Isla Love Clarke and I am a trans woman from Canada. I am a professional dancer/performer working and living in the Netherlands. Throughout my life, I have struggled with my body and my gender identity.

Who owns Break the Floor?

February 2022 brought on a new chapter at BTF with new ownership and leadership by longtime entertainment entrepreneur Russell Geyser. Russell believes the health and well-being of Break the Floor dancers and staff is paramount. He is committed to a culture of transparency, integrity, and professionalism.

What happened to Robert Roldan?

Post SYTYCD. He made his dancing debut after the accident in season 10 of SYTYCD with a dance with Tucker Knox, who also suffered a car accident which left him paralyzed and was told he would never dance again. He also returned for season 11 and season 12 of SYTYCD as an All-Star.

Who won best dancer 2022 the dance Awards?

Seth Gibson. Male Best Dancer Winners

2019D’Angelo Castro (Dance Town)Murphy Lee (Performing Dance Arts)
2021Jaxon Willard (Center Stage Performing Arts Studio)Brady Farrar (Stars Dance Studio)
2022Seth Gibson (Studio 413)Nicholas Moreno (Upstate Carolina Dance Center)
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