Why Itachi hangs his arm?

Why Itachi hangs his arm? One theory suggests that since he contracted a terminal illness after exhausting the limits of his Mangekyo Sharingan, it caused his left hand a lot of pain. So, he used his cloak to rest his hand like an arm sling, as it relieved him from the pain he was experiencing.

What if Naruto hates Sasuke? If Naruto had the resentment Sasuke had the nine tails would’ve went berserk. When the anbu saw that Naruto was beginning to loathe the villagers, Hiruzen would of probably locked him up until they found a replacement. Hate is also a driving factor that makes the Sharingan more powerful.

Is Sasuke better or Naruto? Naruto and Sasuke are nearly equal in terms of power, but there have been times where Naruto has clearly pulled ahead. Naruto Uzumaki is one of the strongest known characters in the Naruto series, along with Sasuke Uchiha.

Why do people hate the Uchiha? Tobirama hated them because at the time all Senju hated them and all Uchiha hated the Senju. It was due to the time of the warring clans and they were fighting for land and power. Danzo didn’t exactly hate the Uchiha. He didn’t care for their wanting more control and power in the village.

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How can I be cold like Sasuke?

Act cool and stay aloof.. Sasuke is calm, cold, indifferent, cruel, cynical, a bit sarcastic and somewhat arrogant. In other words, he’s got a cool superiority about him that comes from his confidence and power. If you want to act like Sasuke, you want to exude a sense of that superiority.

Why does everyone hate Sasuke Reddit?

They don’t like that he takes up so much screentime in Shippuden with his own arc and stuff. He betrayed everyone he knows, and in specific he betrayed Naruto for revenge and threw away their friendship which wasn’t that well developed to begin with honestly.

Who is the least favorite Naruto character?

In a grand bit of irony, Boruto Uzumaki is largely the most hated character in his own anime. He has a similar personality to his father in many ways, but he’s also so rebellious that he doesn’t feel a true allegiance to his own village or his family.

Does Sasuke hate Naruto?

It is at this point that Sasuke finally admits he considers Naruto to be his best friend, and also the only friend that he has.

Why did Sasuke Uchiha become evil?

Sasuke turns “evil” as a result of learning about the sacrifices his beloved brother Itachi made to keep Konoha safe. Up until that point, Sasuke had believed that Itachi had killed his entire clan as a test of his own power, and to eliminate threats to that power.

Why did Sasuke betrayed Naruto?

3/13 Sasuke Betraying Naruto. However, as soon as they defeated her, Sasuke turned on Naruto. Because Sasuke wanted to become the “True Hokage” where he would be responsible for making all of the decisions for the world, he felt the need to kill Naruto as he was the only person who could subvert his plans.

Why do people love Sasuke?

One of the biggest reason people love Sasuke so much is because he’s a relatable character. He is because in the situations he’s in (like the clan’s massacre and finding out the truth about Itachi) he acts in what most of us would do, which is to seek revenge.

Why does everyone hate Sasuke?

A lot of the reasons why people dislike Sasuke is down to a misunderstanding of how he was written. Kishimoto isn’t known for being subtle and Sasuke is the reason why. Sasuke didn’t come out and say things, he was an internal character. He didn’t do open declerations of how he functioned like Pain did.

Did Itachi let Sasuke win?

He did let him win though, Itachi had the upper hand since the fight began. But because he had other motives, he had to let him win.

Why do fans hate Sakura?

Most people hate Sakura for how she swings back and forth between wanting to be independent and relying on others. It’s one of the most annoying tropes about her character that make her seem completely helpless even though she should have all the tools by her side to fight for what she wants.

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