Why was Recovery of an MMO Junkie Cancelled?

Why was Recovery of an MMO Junkie Cancelled? In June 2018, Comico ended the manga due to Kokuyō’s failing health. Prior to this, Recovery of an MMO Junkie had been on a hiatus since 2015.

Was Recovery of an MMO Junkie Cancelled? Comico Ends Netojū no Susume/Recovery of an MMO Junkie Manga Due to Author’s Health. Comico announced on Saturday that it is officially ending serialization of Rin Kokuyo ‘s Netojū no Susume manga due to Kokuyo’s health.

Will Recovery of an MMO Junkie have a Season 2? Since the show has not been renewed for a second season, no trailer for the second season is available as of now. But we will update it as soon as something official breaks.

How many episodes does Recovery of an MMO Junkie have? The premiere season ran from October until December 2017, and consisted of 10 episodes. For a single season, ten is excessive, which is the reason why fans are longing for more episodes of Recovery in the form of MMO Junkie.

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Will Net Juu no Susume Cancelled?

Webtoon portal Comico announced on Saturday that Rin Kokuyou’s romantic comedy manga Net-juu no Susume (Recovery of an MMO Junkie) has officially ended its serialization due to the author’s poor health. The series has been on hiatus since July 2015.

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Is Wotakoi getting a season 2?

It is highly likely a second season will start right where the previous one left off. In one of the OVAs, Nao finally learns that Kou is a girl, and though the realization comes with embarrassment on both sides, the two are able to reconcile and even go on a date that leaves them reflecting on their relationship.

Is net Juu no Susume worth watching?

If anything, it’s definitely worth the wait because when a good moment comes, it’s a pretty damn good moment. The plot on its own is heavily based around the romantic factor of this anime but it does show the interaction between characters in-game and out-of-game, and how different they can be in the real world.

Is Nao dating Kou?

One day, when she was crying, Naoya found her and consoled her. He gathered up the courage to ask her out, and she felt her self doubt wash away. She agreed to go out with him, and the two are currently a couple.

Why is Nanbaka not on funimation?

Unfortunately, Nanbaka was one of the shows that are no longer available on FunimationNow due to the end of our partnership with Crunchyroll.

Who is Lily MMO junkie?

Natalie Hoover is the English dub voice of Lily in Recovery of an MMO Junkie, and Reina Ueda is the Japanese voice.

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