Why was Xie Lian banished?

Why was Xie Lian banished? First Banishment. After defying Jun Wu and descending to the mortal realm in order to try and save the Xianle kingdom, Xie Lian was banished, Feng Xin and Mu Qing thus losing their status in the Heavens as well.

Is Ling Wen a man? I also think that it’s really cool and compelling that Ling Wen is a female character who is not required to have a soft side; even when Xie Lian tries to eke it out of her, she firmly resists being perceived.

Who is Xie Lian’s Guoshi? Xie Lian, now also known as “Fang Xin Guoshi”, carried out his duties and taught Lang Qianqiu for six years. For the duration of his role as Guoshi of Yong’an, Xie Lian was remarked to be cold and distant, always wearing a white gold mask that hid his feature.

Who is the ghost groom? Xie Lian is sent on the mission to capture the Ghost Bridegroom who turns out to be Xuan Ji, who is in fact a Ghost Bride.

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Who is the father of the fetus spirit?

Cuo Cuo (错错, Cuò Cuò) is a Fierce rank ghost known as the fetus spirit, as well as the son of Feng Xin and Jian Lan.

Who is the bandaged boy in TGCF?

Lang Ying is a boy appearing to be in his teens. He has a slender, delicate physique but a poor, crooked posture with slumped shoulders and a bent waist. His facial features are quite refined, nose straight and eyes dark and clear. His body is completely wrapped in bandages to hide the scars of the Human Face Disease.

What happens to Ling Wen in the end?

This landed her in prison and then as a deputy for a god. After ascending, she worked with Bai Jing to bring down Xuli, because Xuli mistreated her (and lots of people). She then killed him.

Does Ling Wen love Bai Jing?

Bai Jing is a very old, close friend of Ling Wen. She was the woman he fell deeply in love with as well as the first person to ever show him affection.

How old is Xie Lian?

A handsome young, slender Chinese man who looks around 20 years old with dark, kind eyes. He has long black hair, that he keeps up in a half ponytail, and is usually seen with a simple bamboo hat. He wears simple, flowing white robes with bandages wrapped around his arms, and sometimes also around his neck.

Why is white no face obsessed with Xie Lian?

Bai Wuxiang has an unnatural obsession with Xie Lian that is rooted in his desire to create a perfect successor.

Who is Mei Nianqing?

Mei Nianqing (梅念卿, Méi Niànqīng) was the head priest of Xianle and Xie Lian’s mentor. He is a famed fortune teller, and he can predict fates accurately. Although he doesn’t have martial skills, he has been said to be quite talented and powerful in cultivation and spells.

Why does Hua love Xie Lian?

Hua Cheng has had strong feelings for Xie Lian since their mortal lives, and is implied to have loved him since they first met. Xie Lian himself loves Hua Cheng so much he is hardly able to refuse him anything.

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