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Will Shanks fight Luffy?

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Will Shanks fight Luffy? It’s unlikely, but with a whole new Saga in the works, things could change. Shanks and Luffy might end up having conflicting interests, which would make a fight inevitable. Shanks betraying Luffy – or vice versa – doesn’t seem like a possible reason based on what we know about them.

Did Shanks betray Luffy? Shanks is actually a deep undercover government agent. When he had the fruit, he was taking it back to the government before Luffy ate it. He didn’t kill Luffy immediately because he liked him or some other anime reason, but at the end of the anime he gets betrayed.

Who is Luffy’s next enemy? Based on the ongoing saga, called the Four Emperors Saga, it is highly likely that Oda will include either Shanks or Blackbeard as the next opponents for Luffy. Given that Blackbeard is likely to challenge Luffy for the title of the Pirate King, fighting Shanks next is also a strong possibility.

Who can beat Luffy 5? Essentially, Goku is already a formidable foe without his Saiyan abilities, and this combination would make him the victor against Luffy’s Gear Fifth. So far, there are four major Gear Fifth techniques that Luffy has shown. The two major techniques are the Gum-Gum Giant and the Gum-Gum Jump Rope.

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Is Shanks stronger than Kaido?

It is blatantly stated in his introduction that Kaido is the strongest in the world. He is, without a doubt, stronger than Shanks……. On a 1v1, that is. The reason why Shanks is still a bit more feared is because he has a more powerful crew.

Will Shanks turn out to be a villain?

So, Shanks turns out to be the biggest villain in One piece. Now that would be one big surprise. But given his History, his interactions, connections and what we have seen of him, it is highly unlikely he will be the biggest opponent Luffy has to face.

Is Shanks a celestial dragon?

New official One Piece information coming from Eiichiro Oda himself seems to confirm the explosive theory that Shanks is actually a Celestial Dragon.

Does Shanks care about Luffy?

Shanks cares very much for Luffy’s well-being. When Luffy stabbed himself in the eye he panicked and got him some immediate medical help. He became distress when he realized Luffy had eaten the Gomu Gomu no Mi and tried to force him to spit it out as it would take away his ability to swim.

Who is Shanks to Luffy?

Luffy and Shanks are very close friends. Shanks has known Luffy since he was a child and has saved his life, which is also how he lost his arm. He tried to convince Luffy to not become a pirate, but still gave him Roger’s Straw Hat, one of his dearest possessions.

Who is the biggest villain in One Piece?

The manga One Piece’s biggest villain, Blackbeard, finally shows a glimpse of his true power. Despite being one of the main antagonists in the manga, Blackbeard had not yet demonstrated the ability to use one of the main powers from the series, Haki.

Can Shanks beat Garp?

2/10 CAN BEAT: SHANKS. Shanks has no devil fruit and he specializes in Haki. Shanks has managed to clash against Kaido and then he stopped Akainu at Marineford. Garp holds a grudge against Shanks for turning Luffy into a pirate. Frankly, there is no Marine who can rival the strength of a Yonko and Garp is no exception.

Is Shanks a hero or villain?

Shanks is the main antagonist of One Piece Universe | Fandom. When you watch action movies, the opening scenes focuses on the villain. After that, it will show the hero of the story. We saw how Shanks inspired Luffy to become a pirate.

How does Sanji betray Luffy?

When he ran into them right before the wedding, Sanji viciously attacked Luffy just to make him go away. It’s among the more heartbreaking scenes in One Piece history. Luffy doesn’t bother fighting back, since he knew that Sanji was forced into this position.

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