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Will there be a volume 11 of Hitorijime My Hero?

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Will there be a volume 11 of Hitorijime My Hero? “I don’t like caramel sauce. I prefer something bitter…”

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Publication date:12/21/2021
Series:Hitorijime My Hero Series , #11
Sales rank:48,225

Is Hitorijime hero worth reading? But, Hitorijime My Hero takes the time to go beyond the ‘will they, won’t they’ drama and really establishes how the characters are affected by their relationship. Both Kousuke and Masahiro are made better people by being together, and I guess that’s what I really love about this series…

Does Fukushige like Setagawa? Mitsuru likes Masahiro Setagawa’s cooking. Mitsuru may have feelings for Masahiro – this is later confirmed as true, making Mitsuru bisexual with a preference for girls.

Who is the main character in Hitorijime My Hero? The protagonist, Masahiro is a nice teen who finds himself hanging with the wrong crowd. He is assisted in getting away from the gang lifestyle by a friend Kensuke Ohshiba who meets when in middle school, and his new friend’s older brother Kousuke Ohshiba who he soon develops feelings for.

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Does yabase like Masahiro?

It is shown that he cares for Masahiro, seeing as he is the only relatable person Yabase has. He also has a rather raspy voice, shown in episode 7 when he is yelling at Masahiro.

Is Hitorijime My Hero inappropriate?

There’s nothing really explicit in the art beyond kissing (hence the 16+ rating) – although even though the story neatly skips to the morning after the night before, you’re left in no doubt as to what’s transpired. So if this concept doesn’t appeal, this definitely isn’t the manga for you.

Do Masahiro and kousuke end up together?

After Toru and his gang members leave, Masahiro embraces Kousuke and breaks down in tears telling him that he wants to be with him. Shortly after these events, they begin their romantic relationship. With Kousuke making Masahiro his ‘secret wife’.

What is the age gap in Hitorijime My Hero?

The age difference between the two main protagonists in Hitorijime My Hero is 12 years. That is because Masahiro is 16-years-old, while Kousuke is 28.

How old is kousuke?

Shin-Ae suspected Kousuke’s age to be around 20 or 21. In Episode 111, Hansuke confirmed that Kousuke is 24 years old.

How tall is kousuke Ooshiba?

Even as a high school student, he is still terrified. Although Kensuke claimed that he was 170 cm, he is actually only 160 cm.

Will there be a volume 12 of Hitorijime My Hero?

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Publication date:04/26/2022
Series:Hitorijime My Hero Series , #12
Sales rank:18,360

How many volumes does Hitorijime My Hero have?

Hitorijime My Hero

ひとりじめマイヒーロー (Hitoriji me Maihīrō)
Original runFebruary 2012 – present
Anime television series
Directed byYukina Hiiro
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Table of Contents
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