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Will there be Matrix 5?

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Will there be Matrix 5? The Matrix 4 ended with left doors open for the next sequel, so fans thought a fifth film is definitely on the cards. Even lead star Keanu Reeves was willing to return. But producer James McTeigue noted in December that there are no plans for sequels, prequels, or an all-new trilogy at the present moment.

Was Lana forced to make Matrix 4? Lana Wachowski has spoken about how writing The Matrix: Resurrections helped her cope with grief after her parents died. The writer and director created the fourth film in the Matrix franchise after years of saying she didn’t want to add another instalment to the trilogy.

Did Matrix Resurrection do well? However, despite these projections, The Matrix Resurrections under-performed heavily, grossing just $12 million over its opening weekend. These numbers are more galling in the context of The Matrix Resurrections’ mammoth production budget, with Lana Wachowski’s film costing $190 million to make.

Was The Matrix Resurrections good? Matrix resurrection is nothing more than nonsensical garbage with a few rehashed scenes from the original trilogy thrown in for nostalgia. This movie lacks everything that made “The Matrix” original & exciting & is more snoozefest than blockbuster.

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Is Matrix resurrections a hit or flop?

The long-awaited new Matrix film was a box-office flop – and now things are turning nasty behind the scenes.

Why did The Matrix Resurrections flop?

It bombed because, being itself about self-hatred and nostalgia and the tyranny of screens, it was hated by self-hating nostalgic netizens. Who must, by this logic, constitute a core constituency of the moviegoing public. HBO Max resurrected Resurrections earlier this month for streaming.

Is Trinity the one now?

The Matrix trilogy presents Neo as The One, the destined savior of mankind, but The Matrix Resurrections turns that on its head by adding Trinity. Neo’s status as The One in The Matrix universe is thrown into question by The Matrix Resurrections, which makes Trinity part of The One as well.

Can Neo not fly anymore?

Unfortunately for Neo, his signature trick goes missing in The Matrix Resurrections. The ability to fly would’ve come in handy on several occasions, but Keanu Reeves’ protagonist stalls during takeoff each time.

Why can’t Neo fly in resurrections?

For example, he could not fly when he tried, which was a direct consequence of the brainwashing he was exposed to and his “death” in The Matrix Revolutions. RELATED: How Is Neo Alive in The Matrix Resurrections & How Did He Get Back into the Matrix?

How much did Keanu Reeves make from the Matrix resurrection?

How much did Keanu Reeves make for Matrix 4? According to Variety, Reeves will make between $12 million to $14 million for Matrix: Resurrection, plus back-end box office grosses and adjusted bonuses because the film will simultaneously be released on HBO Max.

How is The Matrix Resurrections doing at the box office?

Despite Wachowski and Reeves downplaying the possibility, the ending of Resurrections clearly leaves the door open for another adventure with the reunited Neo and Trinity. Unfortunately, The Matrix Resurrections’ box office haul has been anemic, earning a mere $125 million worldwide after several weeks of release.

Did matrix resurrections make a profit?

Even though The Matrix Reloaded and Revolutions were reviled by both audiences and critics upon release, both movies made hundreds of millions of dollars in profit at the box office.

Was matrix 4 a success?

However, when looking at the box office for The Matrix Revolutions, the effect of the mixed reception to Reloaded becomes apparent. Despite releasing only a few months later, Revolutions earned only $427 million worldwide, enough to make a decent profit after marketing costs are considered, but not a financial smash.

What is the point of matrix resurrections?

At its core, The Matrix Resurrections is a love story in which the overarching plot is fueled by Neo and Trinity’s longing to find each other again. In fact, as we learn, their love is powering the Matrix — literally!

Did matrix resurrections fail?

With these two reprising their beloved roles, it was shocking to see that The Matrix Resurrections failed to capture the same magical essence and excitement of the originally trilogy and boasted only sub-part ticket sales numbers in comparison to its older counterparts.

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