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Does Kamito get restia back?

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Does Kamito get restia back? Soon after that, upon encountering Rubia, Restia was handed to Fianna. Restia was later handed over to Kamito when Fianna reunited with him, in her unconscious state. Restia reacted again when Kamito came back to his senses during the fight against Rubia, he awoke her to help him in the fight.

Will Blade Dance of Elementalers have a season 2? The creators of the series have no longer resumed the anime for its 2nd season. There is also no buzzing concerning season two of the anime. Its been extra than six years given the launch of its remaining episode, and the makers did now not determine to resume it to date.

Who will end up with Kamito kazehaya? Restia Ashdoll. He is very grateful to her as he states that she is the one who resurrected his feelings.

Is Bladedance of Elementalers finished? The Demonic Holy Sword of Resonance (共鳴の聖魔剣, Kyōmei no Seimaken?) is the twentieth and final installment in the Bladedance of Elementalers light novel series, published on Ma.

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Will Kamito get restia back?

Though her memories haven’t returned, she returns with Claire and Ellis to Kamito’s location. Restia with her lost memories travels with Kamito in the Revenant to the duchy of Dracunia, where the dragon king Bahamut helps Restia regain her memories and she once again makes a contract with Kamito.

Is there season 2 for Seirei tsukai No Blade Dance?

The second season of the “Blade Dance” anime will be released on 2022-23. It was streamed on Crunchyroll and AnimeLab. The series will be available for streaming in the United States, Canada, Australia and New Zealand. It will be available for streaming in France and Germany 2023.

Who is Ren Ashbell?

Ren Ashbell (レン・アッシュベル, Ren Asshuberu?) is the alias used by Kamito Kazehaya when he participated in and won the events of the «Blade Dance» three years prior.

Is there an absolute duo season 2?

Will there be Absolute Duo Season 2? The answer is NO! But there are few chances of Absolute Duo returning with the second part. Just like numerous anime, Absolute Duo is a Japanese anime adaptation of the light novel series by Takumi Hiiragiboshi.

How does Blade Dance of Elementalers end?

Ren Ashdoll + Alexandros disappears. The rest of the Elemental Lords are no longer seen as lord of the world. Blade Dance still continues. Est finally takes off her socks for Kamito but gets interrupted by a not-amused Restia.

Does Kamito become the Demon Lord?

Kamito’s life at the Academy is rather taxing. The girls’ feelings for him, which, coupled with wildly exaggerated rumors and misconceptions about him. The result of these hijinks is that Kamito becomes known as the ‘Demon King of the Night’ (and eventually daylight and noon).

Who is Kamito in love with?

Restia is the most important to Kamito she is the one that gave him a heart. Both Kamito and Restia highest amount of love. He specifically went to the academy in the first place to get her back.

Who is Kamito girlfriend?

Claire Elstein (クレア・エルステイン, Kurea Erusutain?) is one of the main heroines of Bladedance of Elementalers and the first heroine Kamito Kazehaya meets.

Why does Kamito wear a glove?

In the present time, he has shorter hair and often wears a black leather glove over his left hand to disguise Restia’s spirit seal.

Does Kamito win the Blade Dance?

However, as Kamito is a member of Team Scarlet, he won this year’s Blade Dance as well, defending his title as the strongest, although ironically, almost all are led to believe that he defeated Ren Ashbell (Rubia Elstein) instead.

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