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Is Megumin a 13?

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Is Megumin a 13? How Old Is Megumin? Like Kazuma and Darkness, Megumin is aged down in most of the iterations of KonoSuba, except for the web novel. She is still the youngest of the main trio though, being 17 in the web novel and currently 15 in the other versions of the series (she was 13 at the beginning of the series).

Is Aqua from KonoSuba a God? Aqua (アクア, Akua) is one of the three main deuteragonists in the KonoSuba series. Before life in the Fantasy World, she was a goddess of water who guided humans to the afterlife; within, she is worshipped by the Axis Order.

Why is Aqua the best girl? Aqua has none of those restrictions at all; her magical repertoire is limitless- there is so much you can do and it is highly rewarding to mess around with different combinations of magic during battle or melding. You can render any magic to be innovative and functional.

Who is best girl in KonoSuba? There’s no denying that Megumin is the most popular girl in KonoSuba. She probably got more famous after the release of the movie, which featured her hometown.

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Why does aqua get drunk?

When she’s drinking alcoholic drinks, she’s exposing her self-desire. This makes her purification power low, and thus she can enjoy it. On the other hand, when she was working as a waitress, she was not engulfed in her self-desire because she didn’t want to drink it, and thus she accidentally purified it.

How old is Megumin at the end of KonoSuba?

We’ve seen throughout the series that Megumin gets quite insecure about her body and age, reacting violently when she’s treated like a little girl. But the thing is, Megumin actually really is a little girl. According to the third volume of the light novel, Megumin is 13 years old.

How did KonoSuba end?

How did Konosuba end? After the duel with the Demon King, as a reward, he offers his name – Kouichi Sakaguchi and promises to tell Kazuma the secret behind his name if he succeeds in beating him. Just then, Kazuma notices something on his adventure card. He sees his last manatite and creates an explosion using it.

Who is the demon king in KonoSuba?

The Demon King (real name: Kyouichi Yasaka), also known as the Devil King, is a demonic dark lord and the main antagonist of the Konosuba: God’s Blessing on this Wonderful World!

What is Kazumas IQ?

Based on what the waitress and Megumin claims, his IQ might hover around 120-140, and Megumin is about 160.

How old is Aqua physically?

The second oldest of the Birth By Sleep trio, Aqua is physically around 18 years old. However, her real age is somewhere in her late 20s, in terms of chronology. She is around 5’9 in height, and like her friends, doesn’t have a canonical birth date.

Is Aqua a girl KonoSuba?

10/10 Aqua: Divine Powers. Ultimately, Aqua is a goddess walking the earth, even if she never acts like it, and her holy powers are real. With them, she can dispel curses and barriers, and she has the power to purify bodies of water.

How old is Aqua Kazuma?

Kazuma is a 17-year-old game-obsessed shut-in, becoming one after having his heart broken by his childhood friend in middle school.

What is aquas real name?

Nicholas McCarrell (born Ap), professionally known as Aqua, is an American record producer and composer of film and television scores. As a record producer, he has most notably worked with Roc-a-fella Records artists Jay-Z, Kanye West, and Beanie Sigel. His scoring credits include Entourage and George Lopez.

Does Aqua like Kazuma?

Their relationship seems platonic thus far, as neither of them sees the other as an object of affection. That being said, the two are inseparable and Aqua even relies on Kazuma more than she admits. He thinks she is useless yet cute when she is silent and calm.

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