Why is Yui called Eve?

Why is Yui called Eve? Yui was an abandoned child who was later found by Richter. He transplanted Cordelia’s heart into her and gave her to Seiji. She then became the adoptive daughter of priest and famous vampire hunter Seiji Komori. Later, it’s revealed that the Vampire King Karlheinz chose her to be “Eve”.

What is the age of Yui Komori? Main characters. Yui is the heroine of the Diabolik Lovers series. She is a beautiful, kind, gentle, and clumsy 17-year-old student, who used to live with her father, a priest, who owns his own church.

How much does Yuma mukami weigh? Yuma Mukami

Biographical Information
Height190 cm (6’3″)
Weight70 kg (154 lb)
Blood TypeO
Eye ColorBrown

Who is the oldest mukami brother? The Brothers

  • Ruki Mukami – The eldest son of the Mukami household.
  • Kou Mukami – The second son of the Mukami household.
  • Yuma Mukami – The third son of the Mukami household.
  • Azusa Mukami – The youngest son of the Mukami household.

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Does Richter love Cordelia?

Cordelia was the first wife of his older brother, Karlheinz. However, Richter had romantic feelings for Cordelia and it is mentioned that they fought for her but he lost. Despite that, they started an affair and had been involved in sexual activities with her many times, once in front of her son, Kanato.

What is Adam and Eve in Diabolik Lovers?

The Adam and Eve Project is the race created by Karlheinz. According to Ruki’s history, the plan details a human girl “Eve” with the heart of the demon lord’s daughter. “Eve’s” blood would choose an “Adam” who would be able to obtain the power to control the world, and their descendants would change the world.

Who is the mother of Yui Komori?

1 Rin (リン Rin) is the biological mother of Yui Komori. She is the former maid of the noble Inoue family and the ex mistress of the head of the Inoue family Hotoke Inoue.

How did Diabolik Lovers end?

Kanato’s Normal End: Yui kills the rest of the Sakamaki brothers in order to prove her love for Kanato. Kanato’s Bad End: Kanato and Yui become a couple, but then he gets jealous thinking everyone is taking her away from him. He then goes batshit, sets everyone on fire and kills them except Yui.

What is Shu Sakamaki afraid of?

Shu has been scared of fire since childhood, as he assumed that his best friend Edgar died in a fire. Shu loves classical music.

Who is the tallest Sakamaki?

In the CD Drama “Delicious Pasta and Macaron” Reiji once combined Vongole Bianco and Macaron to make a new dish to appease both Kou and Laito’s interests. He’s the tallest Sakamaki brother.

Who is the tallest character in Diabolik lovers?

🦇Diabolik Lovers Weight, Height, BMI and Blood Type🦇

  • – Yuma: 190cm / 6′3.
  • – Reiji: 183cm / 6′0.
  • – Carla: 183cm / 6′0.
  • – Shu: 180cm / 5′11.
  • – Ruki: 180cm / 5′11.
  • – Subaru: 178cm / 5′10.
  • – Kino: 178cm / 5′10.
  • – Kou: 176cm / 5′9.

Who does Ruki end up with in Diabolik Lovers?

A part of him one did not wish to ever betray Karlheinz, while his other side did not want to give up the newly discovered bond and the so-intoxicating blood. However, in Ruki’s vampire ending in MORE BLOOD, he decided to betray Karlheinz in order to be with Yui.

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